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3D- League 2020

The range was closed at the end of week 9 of the 12 week 3D season. An online survey was sent to the members of the 3D League to find out if they preferred:

1. To continue and complete the 2020 season if/when the range reopens.


2. End the 2020 season and announce the winners based on the results of the 9 weeks completed.

The initial results were; 18 archers had completed the survey with 80% in favour of ending the 2020 season at 9 weeks. However, the survey was extended to Sept 1. Post meeting: Jens provided the result of the survey; 23 responses were received with 81% in favour of ending the 2020 season at 9 weeks.

Action: Brent and Taylor will tabulate the results to the end of Week 9, advise the league members of the results and announce the winners.

It was approved that $150 of the 3D fees would be available for prizes ($50 for each category) as well, as engraved shields for the 3 large trophies and small engraved plaques for each of the winners to keep. The remainder of the fees would be released to general revenue to help cover club operating expenses including repair/replacement of targets.