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General Meeting January 2, 2015

Members and New Members in Attendance:

Duncan Robertson, Dwight Beynon, Leon Pittet, Glen Mulzet, Norm Hogg, Charlie Williams, Tracy Kaczmer, Taylor Kaczmer, Richard Moore, Scott Keir, Cory Rogans, Pat Cady, Jeff Gaudry, Bill Biloski, Michael Mowat, Laurie Larson, Paul Nagy, Greg Gerlitz, Derrick Smith

7:01 pm - Meeting was called to order

7:20 pm - Financials were discussed by Greg Gerlitz

7:34 pm - Treasury Box use and also putting proper info on the envelopes when pertaining to payment information for bookkeeping records is very helpful and please continue to use the envelopes provided with as much info as possible

7:41 pm - Directors of Cochrane Archery Club were given the spread sheets for the club. Money spent was put into the red columns. Money received in was put into blue columns.
Purchases were discussed such as; Rent/Heat/Power (costs for building). Memberships. Equipment whether to replace, such as doing a purge. Possible purchase of new targets such as 3D and flat face were mentioned. Also manpower to upkeep and look after targets, and who would be willing to do this.

8:09 pm - Discussed the purchase of a defibrillator to keep on site at the Cochrane Archery Club, as an important need, to help save lives. The cost of this was $1400.00. The mention was the club would pay for this equipment, from the club budget. This was agreed as a motion and agreed by all who were in attendance.

8:15 pm - Discussion of new beginners that are starting in/with the club. All should come to the Wednesday nights if they have not shot before. Kids program will continue on Wednesday nights as well.

8:16 pm Agreed to purchase of a first aid kit and any tools that are required/needed, and a new machine for cutting arrows.

8:22 pm - Glen discussed volunteer program for the Cochrane Archery Club. The goal to keep or to change anything, also in regards to the hours for volunteering time that is required for those who are members. All agreed to keep the Single individual memberships to 4 hours of volunteer time per year and families to provide 8 hours per year.

8:26 pm - Discussion of the 3D league, and if there is a large response from the public, to see about splitting this league into two different days and limiting registration to 24 individuals. Also a sign up sheet will be available when they register to provide to times for set up of the weeks course. These volunteer times are in addition to the general club volunteer hours.

8:40 pm - Discussed the raising of the annual membership fee, to increase it or not to. For participation of volunteering, would the individual get any money back by discounting the membership fee for the following year?
Agreed to keep the same system except families only have to do a total of 8 hrs volunteer.
Discussed incentives such as gifts for volunteers to say thank you. All agreed to keep the same idea as last year with a free membership to a lucky person drawn at the AGM next year. For each 4 hours of individual volunteer time and 8 hours of family volunteer time they get an entry into that draw.

8:55 pm - Motion for leaving the membership fees as is. Agreed to this motion, as accepted

9:00 pm Election of directors:

Greg Gerlitz was elected as Treasurer
Derrick Smith was elected as President
Duncan Robertson was elected as Maintenance Director
Leon Pettit was elected as 3D director
Norm Hogg was elected as Junior Development Director


9:07 pm - Tracy Kaczmer would like to change the membership form for adding dates onto it, for easier tracking. Example - start dates. All Agreed. Tracy will develop a new form.

9:19 pm - 3D league to start up Feb. 2, 2015 until May 2015. Decision for the fees for this to remain the same as last year at $100.00 for members and $150.00 for non-members. Drop ins are $7.50 per member or $15.00 per non-member

9:29 pm - Hudson Foley was drawn for a free membership for the Cochrane Archery Club.

9:31 pm - Shutdown procedures were discussed by Greg Gerlitz, as safety / protocol and responsibility. Putting a reminder by or on the door, such as a checklist / sign and/or even a binder for making sure and signing out, for the last person leaving. Discussed who had keys for closing and then also the mention of whom had a key for opening in case someone was not available to open up the building for general shoot nights. Both Glen and Duncan are typically showing up early and both agreed to confirm with each other about opening up. If either of them cannot come then they can ask Derrick or someone else to open.

9:41 pm - Discussed the Cochrane Archery Club website could use updating, and who could do this. Ryan Kaczmer was suggested as a possibility. Tracy would talk to him.

9:45 pm - Meeting was adjourned.

Laurie Larson secretary for taking meeting minutes, for Jan. 2, 2015




Cochrane Archery Club
Tracy Kaczmer