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Safety issues

Safety is of primary importance in the operation of the Master Archery Skills Program and it must never be compromised. To maintain safety a responsible adult supervises program activities. It is not necessary they be expert archers. The participants should be well versed with the safety routines for archery There are three areas where safety can be an issue: one is safety of the individual, a second is the safety of the group and the third is the safety of the equipment.

#1 Individual Safety

#2 Group Safety

#3 Equipment Safety

  1. Stringing the bow with a bow stringer:

  2. 1. Fit the bowstring on the bow by sliding the top string loop (the larger one) over the top limb and fitting the bottom string loop into the bottom limb nocks.

  3. 2. Fit the stringer caps over the bow tips. The larger string cap or pocket goes on the bottom limb.

  4. 3. Hold the bow by the grip and step on the middle of the stringer (use one or both feet).

  5. 4. Pull the bow up by the grip while sliding the top loop into the top limb nocks.

  6. 5. Turn the bow away from you and check to ensure both string loops are secured in the limb nocks.

  7. 6. The string lies in the grooves on each limb.

  8. 7. Remove the stringer.

  1. Un-stringing the bow with a bow stringer:

  2. 1. Follow steps 2 and 3 above.

  3. 2. Pull the bow up by the grip and slide the bowstring out of the top limb nocks and down the limb.

  4. 3. Slowly release the pull on the bow.

#4 The Shooting Process

Quick News


10 Jul. 2019

Club 3D Shoot

30 Apr 2019 - Event added for Club Family 3D shoot

External 3D Shoot

27 Apr 2019 - Event added for Bighorn 3D shoot in Radium, BC

3D-Shooting 2019

04 Feb 2019 - The 3D- Shoot started and is running for 12 Weeks.