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Times, Fees and Safety Rules

Shooting times

Regular times: Monday and Thursday 1900 to 2100 hrs.

Beginner class: Wednesdays from 1900 to 2100 hrs.

Please contact us in advance.

2024 Membership fees

Single drop-in fee:

$20 per evening on Paper targets with your own equipment.

$30 per evening on 3D targets with your own equipment during 3D-League.

$30 for FIRST TIMERS including bow and arrow rentals.

Single Membership:

$200 in total which includes CLUB MEMBERSHIP and INSURANCE, gets reduced to $120 starting in July.

Family Membership:

$400 in total which includes CLUB MEMBERSHIP and INSURANCE for all included individuals, gets reduced to $240 starting in July.

Group Shootings:

$200 up to 7 persons for 2 hours including bow and arrow rentals plus $30 for any additionl person.

For more information and arrangements please contact us.


$130 starting January 29th and runs for 13 weeks (Club Membership required).


Single Drop-In Bow rentals: $10, Family Drop-In Bow rentals: $20 per evening.

Single Annual Bow rentals: $60, gets reduced to $30 starting in July.

Family Annual Bow rentals: $120, gets reduced to $60 starting in July.

Arrows can be purchased at the archery range starting at $5.

Safety Rules

All newcomers should be advised by an administrator (or a designate of the administrator) of the following rules:

• All children under the age of 6 years old must have constant supervision.

• Do not run in or on the archery range.

• Advise where the shooting line is and the commands that are given to ensure no one is down range when shooting occurs.

• When the Line Boss (one who is controlling the shooting line) asks “Is Everyone Back” you must yell “No I Am Not” if you are still downrange.

• Always place leading foot over the line before placing an arrow on the bow. Never load an arrow behind the shooting line unless the bow is in the repair area at the back.

• Do not load an arrow until the command “All Clear To Shoot” is given.

• Do not retrieve an arrow that has fallen off your bow unless you can do so without crossing the shooting line and can do so safely if there is anyone next to you who may be shooting.

• If anyone crosses the shooting line while shooting is occurring whom ever sees this event shall call out “Ceasefire”, “STOP” or “Let Down”. All shooters must carefully and slowly point their arrows in a safe direction and “Let down their bows” if in the draw cycle.

• The Line Boss will ask “Is Everybody Done Shooting”. If you are still shooting then you must say “No, I am still shooting” or if you witness someone still shooting say “No or Not Yet.”

• All shooters shall wait behind the shooting line until the Line Boss says, “All Clear To Get Your Arrows”.

• Do not shoot across shooting lanes more than about 30 degrees so as not to interfere with shooters that are standing next to you.

• Never draw a bow without an arrow on the string.

• When shooting up in the mezzanine make sure your bow will not touch the railing or the ceiling during or after the shot. All elevated boxes must be 2 feet back from the railings.

• When pulling arrows make sure you look behind you and do not stand directly behind someone pulling arrows.

• First Aid kit and defibrillator are beside the main entrance door. The 911 address is listed on the door.

• Always check your arrows aVer retrieval especially if they missed the target. Never shoot a damaged arrow.

• Before shooting your bow ensure the string is seated correctly in the limb notches. Check to make sure the string and cables are in good condition. If there is any damage check with one of the administrators if a repair needs to be done prior to shooting.