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FCA Insurance

All members of the Cochrane Archery Club have insurance through the Federation of Canadian Archers

The following is copied from the FCA website


With your membership in the Federation of Canadian Archers you are automatically included in their “Liability Insurance” program. Only a Club, Association or Member in good standing may obtain the benefit of this program. The insurance provided is another example of the Federation of Canadian Archer’s response to the needs of Archers in Canada.

The following summary is provided for convenience only. It is not intended to replace the policy or certificate nor to modify the conditions applicable to them:

Limit of Liability is an inclusive limit of $5,000,000 providing indemnity for clubs, their officials, volunteers, employees and members due to legal liability as a result of injuries or death to persons and damage to property of others arising out of all club operations including the following extensions and/or sub-limit, however, coverage for members and volunteers is excess of their own personal liability insurance but becomes primary if there is none.

1. Tenants Legal Liability (Broad Form) - sub-limit of $1,000,000. which covers on a Blanket Basis Legal Liability for damage to buildings of others rented or occupied by the Club/Association (Subject to a $1,000. deductible).


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10 Nov. 2019

New Beginner Class

On Wednesday Oct. 2nd the new beginner class starts. Just show up, if you want to learn archery. For times and directions check the times and map tab.