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Meeting Minutes

General Meeting 11 January 2019

Meeting Called to Order at 1900 hrs.

1) Greg Gerlitz financial report

a) Presentation of spread sheet of financial disclosure with general ledger summary.

b) Call to accept financial statements. Accepted and Seconded.

c) Update report on 3D targets Cabalas has donated 1 full sized moose in appreciation of volunteers at in store functions.

d) Report on depreciation of club assets.

e) Query from Dwight on status of new and old bows, Norm addresses the question, and all is well.

f) Dwight query member numbers. Response from Norm that numbers are stable and sustainable as of the time of this meeting.

g) Liability insurance has been upgraded to cover all individuals at the range whether inside or out.

2) Jeremy Ray 3D

a) Sign-up sheet for 2019 tournament presented.

b) Suggestions on public 3D event in spring or summer.

c) Possible 50/50 shoot needs study.

d) Enforce ban on laser rangefinders including in binoculars during 3D event.

3) Jens Mehlhase

a) Jens will be working on updating and improvements on club Homepage and possibly Instagram.

b) Chase will step forward to assist with several duties regarding club maintenance and web issues with Jens.

4) Chase nominated to become maintenance director and seconded by all present.

a) Repaint of floor and shooting line to be sorted.

5) New Business

a) Greg Gerlitz has suggested that the club assess the possibility of acquiring a "Hooter Shooter" for compound bow tuning.

b) Left for future consideration due to cost of acquisition and need to determine possible training.

6) Election of Board of Directors

a) President: Derrick Smith

b) Financial Director/Treasurer: Greg Gerlitz

c) 3D Director: Jeremy Ray

d) Website Director: Jens Mehlhase

e) Maintenance Director: Chase Diaz

f) Youth and Member Director: Norm Hogg

7) Meeting adjourned at 2100 hrs.

Quick News


10 Nov. 2019

New Beginner Class

On Wednesday Oct. 2nd the new beginner class starts. Just show up, if you want to learn archery. For times and directions check the times and map tab.