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3D- League 2024

The 3D- League in 2024 will run from 29th of January for 13 weeks.

Online 2024 3D-League Registration Form is available here (provided by Google forms).

It costs $130.00 for registration for the 3D League. One must be a member to reserve their spot in the league.

Handicaps and Raw scores will be calculated based on 10 of the highest scores obtained.

Traditonal archers will have the same handicap scoring system as last year. There will not be a raw score trophy. Two arrows can be shot at each target with the last arrow being the one that is counted. One can choose to shoot only one arrow.

Non-members can shoot 3D for $30.00, if there is room for them on the mats. No more than 3 people per mat.

Please avoid the use of the binoculars while on the mats as you can usually check everything out while waiting off the mats.

Members can shoot the 3D course for $10.00. Scoring can only be done the first time the course is shot and must have a second person verifying the score.

All 3D league shooters will be asked to pick either Monday or Thursday for their shooting night to avoid congestion.

Trophies will be awarded to the Highest Raw score, Highest Handicap score and Traditional Handicap score.